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Welcome to Stony Point Homeowners Association

As an owner/resident, you are now a member of Stony Point Homeowners Association (SPHOA), an association of 96 Town Homes, 19 Patio Homes, and 41 Single family (Detached) Homes, totaling 156 homes.  Homeowners  are governed as a corporation under the State of New York’s Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. There is a Board of 9 elected Residents that meet regularly to address the needs of the Association and to manage the ongoing business of the Association. To address the Board please contact the Management Company.

As a resident you not only own your own home but also are entitled to use of the association’s amenities, such as tennis courts, a pool, and a marina.  Living here has rewards and benefits beyond just home ownership.  It also imposes specific obligations and restrictions, which are described in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and in the By Laws to the Stony Point Deed.  All owners agreed to be bound by these governing documents when they purchased their home.

To help residents understand the governing rules The Stony Point Handbook is a reference summary of the Governing Rules and Regulations for participation in this community, as supported by the above documents and occasionally modified by the Association’s Board of Directors.  This handbook can be found herein and residents are encouraged to print and maintain a copy for reference as it addresses all of the major rules & policies of the association.

In addition, the Stony Point Homeowners Association contract with a Management company to  address all maintenance related matters and other matters as requested by the board. To request maintenance, pay monthly fees, apply for a variance or obtain all other general information contact:

Property Management - KENRICK Corporation

3495 Winton Place, D-4

Rochester, NY 14623



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